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What You Need In A High-Converting Landing Page?

High Converting Landing Page

What You Need In A High-Converting Landing Page?

April 21, 2022 No Comments

A window shopper online must be engaged through a customer journey that is expertly crafted and a marketing funnel that is optimized. However, to convert them into customers, you need an excellent landing page to persuade them to take your desired action and convert.

The elements that make or break your potential sale are crucial to a high converting landing page. You can create conversion-driven landing pages by using compelling images and words and setting a time limit on your special offer. Well-designed landing pages capture prospects’ attention, pique their interest, and turn them into loyal customers.

What Is a Landing Page?

The goal of a website landing page is to attract new visitors. You can use landing pages to drive potential customers to make a purchase or take a crucial step towards becoming your customer. There may be one or more calls-to-action (CTAs) on these pages, including checking out, leaving contact information, creating a consultation appointment, attending an event and subscribing to an email newsletter.

Looking at specific landing page examples, let’s dig deeper into the definition.

Landing Page Examples

Your landing pages usually extend from your website (hence, website landing pages) and differ based on their goals. Your main website content won’t be necessary to link to a WordPress landing page for your webinar registration form and another WordPress landing page for your free trial offer, for example. The landing pages are accessible through links and desktop and mobile devices.

The following are two examples of landing pages:

  1. eCommerce Landing Page

eCommerce landing pages encourage customers to check out and buy the product you’re selling online. To be more specific, this is also known as an eCommerce landing page.

  1. Lead Capture Landing Page

So, what are website landing pages for service businesses? We strive to convert leads into customers over time by connecting with them and building relationships with them. To collect your customer’s information and get permission to contact them, you must create a lead capture landing page.

The ultimate goal has always been to generate sales, regardless of the landing page’s objective. Having landing pages that convert works toward this goal contributes to a robust and results-driven marketing strategy.

What Is Landing Page Optimization?

Optimization of your product landing page or lead capture page is a subset of conversion rate optimization (CRO). You calculate the conversion rate of your landing page by dividing the number of people who converted by the number of visitors.

How Do You Determine the Conversion Rate of Your Landing Page?

Which conversion rate is ideal for a landing page? The answer isn’t a simple yes or no.

Conversion rates for landing pages vary based on the industry and the historical data of a business. It is reported that the best landing pages convert at rates as high as 27.4%, but this figure has no meaning without insights into the quality of your conversions. There is no guarantee that people will show up to appointments they set up after checking out or canceling a purchase.

Focus on your business’s unique context, not just “good” conversion rates. To create a successful landing page, it’s essential to understand the basic principles.

Your landing pages should seal the deal when your prospects are ready to commit. Focusing on the building blocks will improve the performance of your landing pages and get you the results you want.

Here are six must-have elements for landing pages that convert:

  1. Compelling Landing Page Copywriting

Users can quickly lose their attention if you ignore them. Here are some tips to keep their attention:

  • Consider creating headlines that will entice your target audience to browse your landing page.
  • Copywriting for landing pages needs to be relatable (subtly mentioning their pain points), conversational (lighthearted) and value-adding (clarifying specific benefits).
  • Tell your customers what action you want them to take with a clearly defined CTA.
  1. Superior Visual Elements

No one wants to read blocks of plain text – high-quality graphics and intentional copy work well together.

It is important to focus your customer’s eyes, tell a story, and reinforce your value in your landing page design or layout. For example, you should place your landing page layout and color choices to encourage visitors to scroll down or direct their attention to certain areas. To help them visualize the benefits, include images or videos of the actual product or service. Images and videos are becoming increasingly popular and effective.

You want to provide an immersive visual journey, so you need to test different layouts and combinations of visual elements.

  1. No Distractions

The goal of a landing page is to be much more focused than a website. To ensure that your target audience absorbs the information relevant to why they’re on the landing page, you should restrict them from exploring the entire site.

To prevent users from skipping through the page and likely exiting it, leave out all external links that would direct them away from the landing page. Also, it means removing anything that doesn’t contribute to your message from your landing page. Last but not least, ensure your landing page has a smooth flow throughout for the highest conversion rate.

  1. Customer Testimonials

With online reviews also influencing purchase decisions, having a testimonial from your existing customers (with their permission) can give your potential customers the extra push. Reviews give prospects confidence in your company by showing – not just telling – that clients enjoyed the experience enough to recommend it.

There are several types of testimonials:

  • A long-time client provided this video testimonial
  • Accompanied by a detailed 5-star review
  • A personal message of thanks from that customer

You can use all of these to showcase the sense of community around your business, create trustworthiness, and entice a prospect to take your desired action.

  1. Short Forms

Today, digital marketing is centered on leveraging data to personalize and optimize brand experiences. It’s not about selling once to a customer and having them move on. It’s about staying in touch and making your business value for them, which means they must provide their contact information. To increase the chances of submitting a form, only ask for necessary details.

  1. Clear Call-to-Action

A landing page should drive action by placing a CTA button that jumps off the page. Having a CTA button is a good practice no matter where on the page your customers are, such as a small banner at the bottom of the page or even multiple spots at the top, middle, and bottom of the page.

Find out what kind of call-to-action button your target audience responds best by experimenting with its design, color, and wording. Also, being consistent with your questions to potential customers is important. If you include a download button in your email, your email landing page should also have a “Download” button – not save, not open, not share, but download.

Having learned what goes into optimizing landing pages and creating high converting landing pages, it should be easier to guide visitors to your specific desired action.

Nonetheless, let’s look at some of the best landing page examples and understand how best practices can be applied to your landing page.

Optimize Your Landing Page Today

Let’s move on to the big picture now that we’ve answered questions like those above. What is a website landing page? How can you design a landing page that effectively delivers results?

A high-converting landing page is only one component of a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract and entice potential customers. Visiting your landing page might have resulted from a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, social media post or CTA button on an email newsletter. You probably have engaged with them in various ways. A desktop website landing page or a mobile landing page represents a decision point about whether to continue engaging with you.

Optimizing landing pages provide holistic strategies that grow your customer base from multiple angles. Rather than designing separate desktop and mobile landing pages, we can craft one that is mobile-friendly while incorporating keywords relevant to your business, thereby benefiting your search engine optimization (SEO).

An email landing page with a high conversion rate is only possible with a targeted email strategy behind it. Getting expert help can prove highly beneficial.

Create high-converting landing pages for businesses of all sizes with Digital Thinkhub, a full-service digital marketing agency. We provide professional content writing services for your WordPress landing page or preferred platform.

Our team can help you create a high converting landing page and integrate it seamlessly into your overall web design and digital strategy.

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