About Us

We are an ad-tech agency dedicated to creating remarkable brand stories. To put it in simpler words, Digital ThinkHub is all about you. We craft human connection through digital experience and are committed to amplifying brands' digital presence. From brand strategy to web development, we're powered by data analytics, market research, and digital technology.

Account Based Marketing

An effective Account-Based Marketing strategy drives precise business results compared to the traditional broad-reaching approach. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) aligns your teams and resources with engaging key, high-value accounts, building relationships, and nurturing them towards conversion.


Digital ThinkHub ensures that all components of your Account-based Marketing program, including your sales and marketing teams, work in harmony to provide a rich, seamless experience to your key target prospects from the very first interaction.


We help you identify targeted resources that represent the best fit for your products or services!

Based on a comprehensive understanding of your strengths, solutions, and priorities, we will work with you to create buyer personas and identify the attributes of high-value accounts you should be targeting.

We gather account insights on each target account using market research and AI tools, including their tech stack, challenges, opportunities, and focus areas. This helps us carve out specific and relevant messaging for each account mapped to the solutions our clients have to offer.

Consistency across all communication platforms is crucial to account based marketing, including email, blogs, articles, eBooks, webinars, websites, videos, etc. We will work with you to create highly relevant and personalized omnichannel messaging and content assets.

Our team uses a variety of channels and tools to build engagement with your target accounts in a structured manner. We meet your prospects where they are most active using tactics like personalized tweeting, LinkedIn outreach, sharing of relevant assets, among others.

B2B buying has a long sales cycle, high price point, and a group decision-making process, which ABM excels at handling. Through strategic campaigns, Digital ThinkHub nurture the prospects until the right opportunity opens up, and when it does, you are the first provider your prospect reaches out to.

Unlike a traditional sales process, ABM takes time, but it’s well worth the wait. The efforts from the lead nurturing process result in highly qualified leads that strengthen the pipeline. And the conversions we drive from key accounts typically yield a far greater customer lifetime value.