About Us

We are an ad-tech agency dedicated to creating remarkable brand stories. To put it in simpler words, Digital ThinkHub is all about you. We craft human connection through digital experience and are committed to amplifying brands' digital presence. From brand strategy to web development, we're powered by data analytics, market research, and digital technology.

Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic marketing uses an automated, real-time bidding process that purchases ad inventory for you to advertise to specific users in specific contexts, which results in hyper-targeted, super-effective ads.
Successful programmatic campaigns require a deep understanding of the target audience. Some insight will come directly from a brand’s POS, purchase, or CRM data, through which we can build a one-of-a-kind targeting approach to advance a brand’s business goals.

We understand that every business is unique and has different needs, goals, and priorities; that’s why we offer a personalized strategy for your business. We use real-time bidding capabilities to purchase an ad impression when the user is most likely to engage.

Our programmatic advertising capabilities include:

Why Should You Rely on Us?

We’ll implement code snippets placed on your website to provide user browsing trends and segmentation recommendations based on desired site behaviors.

Audience insights

We will monitor user segments and develop targeting insights using corresponding characteristics such as:

  • Geography
  • Device
  • Gender
  • Age
3rd Party Data

Behavioral data partners are vital elements we use to construct full audience profiles for exceptional targeting across devices and the web.


Our team will monitor campaign performance according to media asset, device, placement, and audience segment — adjusting budget and bids in real-time.


We’ll guide you on how to treat your audience to a variety of assets, including:

  • Interactive and Native Banner ads
  • Social Audio and video

Work with us to capitalize on cross-device and cross-platform attribution to understand where prospective audiences are engaging the most.

Why do businesses choose us for their programmatic advertising

Our team

  • Dedicated, in-house Paid Media analysts
  • Analysts are versed in multi-channel solutions, including programmatic, social, and search channels
  • We solve complex programmatic efforts daily to help our clients maximize their digital strategy potential
  • 24/7 Reporting access detailing campaign performance
  • Customizable monthly reports
  • Bi-monthly opportunity reporting detailing intra-month success and forecasts
  • In-person, phone, and email communication channels for strategic planning