About Us

We are an ad-tech agency dedicated to creating remarkable brand stories. To put it in simpler words, Digital ThinkHub is all about you. We craft human connection through digital experience and are committed to amplifying brands' digital presence. From brand strategy to web development, we're powered by data analytics, market research, and digital technology.

Influencer Marketing

To provide successful influencer marketing, it is imperative to be evolved as an agency, and Digital Thinkhub surely aces in that game. Influencer marketing in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR is quite popular. However, the resulting curve depends on how well you can execute the same. We have been serving in this industry for quite some time, and over the years, it has been our prerogative to help clients with the best form of influencer-based marketing. It does not matter what your business genre is or how well evolved it is. With the popularity of social media, it has to be mentioned that influencer-based marketing happens to be the best option to consider.

Our Influencer Marketing Process

It is a crucial part of our influencer marketing process and the preliminary stage. Once we understand the exact requirements, we ensure to find the right influencer who fits all your needs and can bring forth the product in an extremely beautiful way. Not only is that choosing the right influencer is very important so that their audience space is in inclination with what you are looking for.

Once we have shortlisted the influencer, it becomes easier for us to plan the entire process. It is the step where we plan exactly what the process will be and what your entire marketing campaign is going to look like. It is usually a subjective process, and it keeps on changing from one brand to the other depending upon what the requirements are. The brand requirements and the change sometimes also take due to the influencer, especially the factor that makes them unique and popular among the crowd.

Once the influencer is chosen, and the marketing campaign idea is formulated, the collaboration is shared on the social media platforms both by the influencer and the brand. The brand idea gets posted manifold, and it is ensured that the audience, who are the ardent follower of the influencer, gets “influenced”. It ensures that the idea of influencer marketing is met and your brand gets the boost that it has been looking for. In most cases, there is an automatic impact on the number of sales.
Our Influencer Marketing Solutions

Facebook is one of the most influential social media platforms used widely. We do have some of the best influencers under our wing when it comes to the domain of Facebook. All of us know that Facebook influencers have a potent following, and hence the ability to influence the masses becomes accessible and more effortless. We do focus on the Facebook aspect in a more stringent pattern to reach out to more people. Facebook has a very potent following, and addressing the same with the help of influencers is quite rewarding in most cases.

YouTube is a platform that has garnered immense popularity, and so have the influencers. Unlike the other social media marketing platforms, YouTube influencers choose to communicate with the audience in an interactive video-based proforma. It is usually the unique factor of each of these videos which allows the audience to make a choice and be influenced.

The best thing about Instagram is that it is an amalgamation of various types of content, and you can choose the one which fits your needs the best. Instagram is one platform that has been very effective in the recent past and has seen the birth of the most promising influencers. Not only the indigenous market, but you could also get hold of the clients who live abroad and can choose to cater to them. Instagram influencers each have their unique way of reaching out to the audience. At Digital Thinkhub, we work with the most promising Instagram influencers who have got an ardent fan following and know how to cater to people.

Celebrity management is also a crucial part of our service packages at Digital Thinkhub. We have the most comprehensive experts who can manage celebrity profiles with ease. Not only managing, for a celebrity profile to thrive well, it also has to be unique and attract viewers. Our experts have the best possible team, and they ensure that the most promising outcome can be expected.
What Is Our Strategy for Successful Influencer Based Marketing?

You might be wondering, why should Digital Thinkhub be even considered a good influencer marketing agency in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR? We have adopted a plan that has helped us achieve the best and most prominent form of marketing.

  • Connection with some of the best influencers currently who have a wide base of followers.
  • Most unique plans so that the Influencer based marketing has great returns.
  • A team of experts will work as mediators between your brand and the influencer to avoid any kind of miscommunication.
  • Provide detailed analytics for understanding whether or not influencer-based marketing has fared well enough and how it has helped your brand.
  • Well-equipped strategists to carve out the best plans for your brand name.
Digital Thinkhub has been a top influencer marketing agency in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR, and over the years, it has been our prerogative to hold on to that position. Our clients help us make a mark, and we certainly strive to achieve the best in this genre. If you are looking for similar services for your brand, get in touch with our experts today.